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A blue machine that captures CO2 from Air

The technology group Wärtsilä has invested a further EUR 1 million in Soletair Power

This investment follows Wärtsilä’s original EUR 500,000 investment in Soletair Power made in 2019. Soletair Power has developed a breakthrough solution for capturing the carbon dioxide (CO2) from air in buildings that can be used when creating synthetic renewable fuel. This latest investment enables Soletair Power to further its global sales efforts and to scale up the manufacturing of its CO2 capture solution for building ventilation.
The direct air capture of CO2 is an essential element of the world’s efforts towards decarbonisation. Soletair Power’s technology is the first in the world with building integration, which opens a unique business case with several value streams. Capturing CO2 from building ventilation allows occupants to perform better, which is applicable especially in schools and workplaces. The solution also turns buildings into carbon sinks that support cities going carbon neutral. Soletair Power’s technology represents the new era of circular economy in the form of carbon utilisation.
“Wärtsilä and Soletair Power are both committed to creating a sustainable future through technology development. Cooperating with Wärtsilä has been very fruitful and they have supported our development beyond the typical investor role. This latest Wärtsilä investment will play an important role in allowing us to meet the growing demand for cost-efficient and carbon-neutral solutions,” says Petri Laakso, CEO of Soletair Power.

For more information, please contact:
Petri Laakso
CEO, Soletair Power Oy
Tel: +358 40 544 5646

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