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Soletair Power signs collaboration agreement with Søren Jensen

Today, Soletair Power has signed a collaboration agreement with Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma A/S on the joint development of Building Integrated Carbon Capture (BICC) technology designs for undisclosed clients in Denmark, encompassing detailed layouts, energy utilization plans, CO2 capture projections, and cost analyses.

We will also collaborate to produce a comprehensive white paper detailing the potential applications, benefits, and challenges of implementing our Building Integrated Carbon Capture (BICC) technology.

We aim to gain a deeper understanding of the Danish built environment and identify pathways in which Soletair Power can extend its support to the decarbonization ecosystem of the region. Strengthening our collaboration aims to give momentum to the ecological transition by involving scientists, innovators, policymakers, corporations, and institutions.

➡ About Søren Jensen:
Søren Jensen is a Danish award-winning engineering practice with studios in Aarhus and Copenhagen hosting 175 employees. The firm is engaged in a wide variety of bespoke building projects: hospitals, life sciences, data centers, recreational and educational institutions, and residential and commercial buildings. The practice was founded in 1945 by Søren Jensen and is a certified B Corp owned wholly by third-generation Frank and Flemming Jensen through the Søren Jensen Family Office. The Søren Jensen Family Office is shaping the path to a regenerative building environment through investments in transformational knowledge and startups.
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➡ About Soletair Power:
Soletair Power is a Finnish carbon capture technology company founded in 2016. They manufacture direct air capture systems for capturing CO2 directly from building ventilation. For companies and commercial property owners, making negative emissions is essential to create net zero buildings. Soletair Power solutions also help building owners to reduce energy consumption.
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