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Here you will be able to download logo variations, images, color codes, and general brand assets.

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Blue futuristic product from Soletair Power
Soletair Power Building CO2 Capture Power 2 X unit at Dubai
A box shaped device
HVAC CO2 Capture Integration
A container shaped device
Prime Minister Sanna Marin at Soletair Power
Mockup of Soletair Power Building HVAC integrated CO2 Capture Unit placed inside a building
Multi-unit Building-HVAC-Integrated Carbon Capture Soletair Power
Process illustration of building carbon capture
A box-shaped carbon capture device
Soletair Power Indoor CO2 Filtering Air Purifier Unit in a demo office meeting room
A rendered output
Soletair Power Outdoor Carbon Dioxide Capture Unit at ZBT Germany
High CO2
High CO2 displaying on a monitor
Finnish man
Outdoor Carbon Dioxide Capture Unit
Outdoor Carbon Dioxide Capture Unit
Soletair Power Building Air Capture process illustration
Process illustration
Process illustration
coffee machine
four people at an exhibition
Ministers visiting Soletair Power
A device that captures CO2 from the air at Expo Dubai
Sci Fi product at Expo 2020
A green office room
Logo of Soletair Power
Logo of Soletair Power
Logo of Soletair Power
Logo of Soletair Power

Our story

Soletair Power develops modular direct air capture systems that enable companies, corporations and commercial building owners to capture CO2 directly from the air and be a part of the large-scale deployment of carbon dioxide removal measures.

Our technology is also the pioneer of the world’s first economically profitable Power-to-X fuel (synthetic methane from thin air) production model.

Our patented modular carbon capture technology empowers commercial property owners to offset up to 50% of their buildings’ overall carbon emissions on-site and has the potential to be one of the first truly carbon-negative solutions in the world.

The captured CO2 can be injected inside concrete blocks where it stays for a long term. This process turns buildings into carbon sinks and completes the cycle of CO2.

Are there any case studies that you can provide?

Case 1: Making fuel from thin air in Dubai, UAE.

Case 2: Capturing CO2 from the outdoor air in Duisburg, Germany.

Case 3: Capturing CO2 using the building’s HVAC in Wärtsilä STH, Vaasa, Finland.


About Soletair Power

Soletair Power, a Finnish carbon capture technology provider company founded in 2016, contributes to global negative emissions by developing modular Direct Air Capture technology that can capture carbon dioxide utilizing building ventilation systems. Our modular solution operates with a plug-and-play approach, enabling any company to install and use Direct Air Capture.


The integration of DAC with buildings offsets the CO2 emissions and supports employee wellbeing by preventing productivity from dropping by 20%. The captured carbon can be reused as a non-fossil-based resource in a wide array of applications, effectively rewinding the impact of CO2.


In 2021, Wärtsilä, together with Soletair Power and Q-Power, demonstrated the Power-to-X unit at the Expo 2020 Dubai, which can produce synthetic methane from captured CO2 from buildings.

Our story (1000 characters)

It was back in 2016. Our founder, Mr. Ari Piispanen saw in a local newspaper that local university professors went to Germany to see how CO2 was captured from flue gases in a factory. Ari called the professors, “Hey, why are you capturing CO2 from flue gases when you could do it directly from the air?” The professor replied, “Well, there’s not really a competitively priced equipment for that,” and Mr. Piispanen said, “What if I could deliver it to you!” and that’s what he did. In 2017, we had two pilots. Then with co-founder Dr. Pasi Vainikka, he found out that, the capture cost is hundreds of euros/ton when the sales price is tens of euros/ton, not kind of profitable. Mr. Piispanen had another company making indoor air purifiers. He combined these two ideas – capturing CO2 from building ventilation, and increasing peoples’ performance in buildings as CO2 is proven to lower our cognitive function. We planned to sell this as a service at $1-2/day/person and that was the starting point.


Latest update in 100 words

Buildings are related to 38% of global CO2 emissions. Soletair Power can turn buildings into carbon sinks by capturing CO2 from the air passing through buildings’ ventilation ducts. Integration of direct air capture lowers HVAC system runtime while keeping air quality at the same level as outdoors, resulting in a significant decrease in energy consumption. CO2 is to be utilized in concrete production to make negative emissions possible. Direct air capture and building infrastructure will benefit from each other and lower actual energy utilization. Soletair Power has delivered four commercial systems, and the fifth is in production.

In 400 characters

Soletair Power contributes to global negative emissions by utilizing direct air capture technology for capturing CO2 from the air. Our modular solutions can easily be retrofitted with buildings’ HVAC systems. The integration empowers commercial property owners to offset their buildings’ overall carbon emissions on-site while enhancing employee productivity. Captured carbon can be injected inside concrete blocks or be reused as a non-fossil-based resource.

Visiting address

Visiting address of Soletair Power is: Soletair Power, Tuotantokatu 2 53850, Lappeenranta, Finland.
Phone number of Soletair Power is: +358405445646
Website address of Soletair Power is:


  • Turning buildings into carbon sinks.
  • Capturing carbon, improving well-being.
  • Fuel from thin air.
  • World’s first business model that can really reduce CO2 capture cost.
  • Carbon Ghostbusters

Color codes

Soletair Power logo has three colors Maastricht Blue #041E42
Shiny Shamrock #50A684
White #ffffff

PMS color codes for Soletair Power logo
PANTONE 282 C and
Web color variation for Soletair Power
Maastricht Blue #001937
Caribbean Green #00D4A2

Value proposition

For corporations, commercial building owners & public entities, who want to contribute to negating their emissions by capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, Soletair Power is a carbon capture system provider that lets customers capture CO2 right from their buildings or commercial properties, utilize that in plenty of applications or store that permanently, e.g., inside concrete blocks, by making CO2-capturing plants smaller, more efficient and more affordable.
Instead of selling emission offsets, we enable our customers to have their own visible carbon-capture plants.

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