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A World Leading Team

Driven by Science and Impact

Soletair Power is grounded in the thought leadership of a team that has always stayed at the forefront of research and deployment of technologies at scale. The driving motivation behind forming the company is to have as large an impact as possible, and to that end, we are working toward scalable and durable carbon dioxide removal technology development. By tapping into the urban real estate and commercial building sector, we are working on a solution that will tangibly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and truly turn the dial on climate change.

A confident man wearing white shirt

Petri Laakso

Chief Executive Officer, Partner

Petri Laakso has been the CEO of Soletair Power since 2019. Prior to joining the company, Petri worked in the photovoltaic industry as Vice-President of Projects at Valoe Oyj. Before getting involved in cleantech, Petri worked at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, where he focused on developing advanced manufacturing methods such as laser processing and 3D printing.

Email: petri.laakso@soletairpower.fi
Phone: +358 40 544 5646

A confident man wearing white shirt

Ari Piispanen

Co-Founder, Sales Director

Ari Piispanen holds over 70 patents and founded more than 10 startups over the last 30 years. A serial entrepreneur and an inventor – Ari gets new business ideas quicker than CO₂ and H₂ synthesize to CₓHᵧ.

Email: ari.piispanen@soletairpower.fi
Phone: +358 400 759 062

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Dr. Cyril Bajamundi

Chief Technology Officer, Partner

Cyril specializes in ash chemistry model development to assess corrosion and agglomeration risk during co-combustion biomass, waste-derived fuels, and other solid fuels. He worked in solving dioxin and furan emissions during the combustion of biomass and waste. Recently he is working in direct air CO₂ capture to support power-to-X technologies for energy storage, and the development of polymeric adsorbent for CO₂ capture.
Cyril worked as a Research Scientist at VTT and before that, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines, Chemical Engineering Department with a research focus on environmental photocatalysis.

Email: cyril.bajamundi@soletairpower.fi
Phone: +358 40 5122 673

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DSc. (Tech) Kimmo Rauma

Chairman of the Board, Partner

Dr. Kimmo Rauma serves as Chairman of the Board & Partner at Soletair Power. He founded and served as Chief Executive Officer at Visedo. He was a Senior Researcher at the Lappeenranta University of Technology and holds a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Electrical Engineering from the same institution. He is now the Vice President at Danfoss Editron; Partner & Chairman of the Board at Soletair Power.

Email: kimmo.rauma@soletairpower.fi
Phone: +358 50 3400 935

Timo H Soletair Power

Timo Hakuli

Chief Mechanical Design Engineer

After graduating from South Carelia Polytechnic in 2007 with a B.Sc degree in Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Timo Hakuli has been working as an Equipment and Plant Engineer. He has worked in product development and itemization projects and has also experience in site supervision of equipment installation. After extensive hands-on work experience, Timo took a leave from work in 2015 to study and obtained an M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the Lappeenranta University of Technology in 2019. His hobbies include building/modifying classic cars, boating, forestry, snowboarding and renovating old summer cottages.

Email: timo.hakuli@soletairpower.fi 
Phone: +358 40 529 9208

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Jarno Kaakkunen, Ph.D.

Program Manager

Jarno is a highly experienced professional in the field of laser materials processing applications. He has several publications in the fields of Physics, Optics, Laser Processing and Solar technology.

Email: jarno.kaakkunen@soletairpower.fi
Phone: +358 40 776 6158

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Rabius Sunny

Communications Lead

Sunny Rabius Sunny attended the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, and is an ex-cadet of Mirzapur Cadet College. His technical expertise includes making business plans, strategic communication planning, brand building, SEO, KPI monitoring, team leading, and contingency project management.

Email: rabius.sunny@soletairpower.fi
Phone: +358 40 512 1772

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Antti Paajanen

Product Development Engineer

Antti is a master’s student at LUT University studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering, with a focus on Control Engineering, Embedded systems, and Electrical Drives. Antti is a magician with Raspberry Pi and makes electronic devices as a hobby. He is adept at Python, C and SolidWorks.

Email: antti.paajanen@soletairpower.fi
Phone: +358 40 126 0702

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Niklas Vartiainen

Mechanical Design Engineer

Niklas has a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s degree from LUT University. He is highly skilled in Python, Matlab, Autodesk Fusion 360, Cura and SolidWorks.

Email: niklas.vartiainen@soletairpower.fi
Phone: +358 45 783 4965

Board of Directors

Anja Frada

Member of the Board

Anja Frada is the Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Energy Business at Wärtsilä; and a member of the board at Soletair Power.

Anja Frada on LinkedIn

Kimmo Rauma

Chair of the Board

Kimmo Rauma is the Vice President at Danfoss Power Solutions, United States; and the Chair of the Board and Partner at Soletair Power. Kimmo founded several startups and made a successful exit from Visedo Oy to Danfoss Editron.

Kimmo Rauma on LinkedIn