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Our plug-and-play systems can operate in a low-heat environment inside buildings or on office premises. Millions of tons of CO2 from the city air can be captured by our HVAC retrofittable carbon capture machines.

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If the world wants to avoid catastrophic climate change, switching to carbon neutrality is not enough. IPCC has warned that limiting global warming to 1.5C by 2100 will require technologies such as direct air capture for large-scale deployment of carbon dioxide removal measures.

Soletair Power Building Carbon Capture System HVAC Integrated Direct Air Capture in Building CCUS CO2 capture for emission reduction

Our Story

We turn buildings into carbon sinks.

Our patented onsite carbon capture technology empowers commercial property owners to cut their buildings’ overall carbon emissions while earning them significant cost savings. The modular carbon capture systems operate with a plug-and-play approach, enabling property owners to rapidly and easily install onsite carbon capture solutions.

One HVAC-integrated DAC unit (in buildings with ventilation of 3 m3/s) can capture up to 20 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to 3 hectares of Nordic forest aged 30 years. If building ventilation runtime is controlled by CO2 levels, the system will also help lower the costs of HVAC energy usage.

The technology is safe and economically sustainable, providing a two-way benefit with a low water, heat, electricity, and material footprint. We can also add particle and fume filters. When the captured CO2 is stored or used in making aggregates, it results in long-term sequestration. When using renewable energy, the process is carbon-negative.

Captured CO2 can act as a non-fossil-based resource in many applications, for example, in making polymers, methanol, fuel, food, and even diamonds. The cyclic use thus effectively rewinds the pathway of fossil-based CO2.

In 2021, together with Wärtsilä, we demonstrated making fuel from thin air at Expo 2020 Dubai. In 2022, we delivered a fully operating outdoor CO2 capturing unit to ZBT, Duisburg, Germany. In 2023, we’re installing our HVAC-integrated CO2 capture system inside Wärtsilä STH’s building in Vaasa, Finland.

Every day, we try to innovate ways to enhance our technology. Our values live through the entrepreneurial spirit of our diverse and inclusive network.

What we do

We develop modular CO2 capturing solutions that are installable in buildings empowering commercial property owners to offset their buildings’ overall carbon emissions onsite. Captured CO2 is injected inside concrete blocks resulting in buildings storing CO2. The system also supplies CO2-lean better air for the building residents which improves productivity and well-being.


Retrofit commercial buildings around the world with our CO2 Capture systems and reach an annual capture capacity of 115,000 tons of CO2 by 2026.


Remaining the largest distributed DAC solution provider and turning buildings into active protectors of environments – indoors and outdoors.

Mockup of Soletair Power Building HVAC integrated CO2 Capture Unit placed inside a building

Building CO2 Capture Unit

Distributed DAC Concept

Empowering buildings with onsite CO2 capturing systems

In 2023, we integrated a CO2-capturing system in a commercial building in Vaasa, Finland.

How it works.

We utilize the temperature vacuum swing adsorption process. From the HVAC system, incoming air is pushed through our DAC filters containing our own proprietary-made amine-functionalized solid sorbents, and carbon dioxide is adsorbed by them. When the filter is saturated, the machine is closed and regenerated via vacuum & heating to collect the CO2. The captured CO2 is stored in a separate storage container.

Minimizing the energy required for carbon capture and sorbent regeneration has been the primary goal behind much of our carbon capture research.

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Power to X Process illustration

Soletair Power’s P2X Demo Unit

Power-to-X Concept

Decentralized synthesis of hydrocarbon fuels based on CO2

In 2021, together with Wärtsilä, we demonstrated making fuel from thin air at the Expo 2020 Dubai. This 5m x 1m x 2m (lbh) unit has Power-to-X incorporated into it.

At one end of the unit sits the CO2 capturing device, while the synthesis is installed at the other end. The controls and electrolyzer are in the middle.

To illustrate how we can use this unit on a large scale, we’ve powered an espresso machine with the synthetic natural gas produced by our DAC unit. While the Dubai unit has a 1kW flame, the units we can install in buildings are 30 times bigger.

See how we made fuel out of thin air.

Our Journey and Timeline

Solving global problems through technology.


Company founded by Ari Piispanen and Pasi Vainikka in April 2016.


First pilot unit delivered, meeting with Dubai businessmen, Ari and Pasi refined ideas.


Seed funding received from Wärtsilä. National funding received from ELY. Operations started.


First setups in lab, design phase of the bigger unit started.


Received national funding from Business Finland. Began developing Expo 2020 Dubai Power-to-X Demo Unit and Vaasa STH Building HVAC Connected CO2 capture Unit.


Demonstrated the magic of making fuel from thin air in front of the world with the Power-to-X Demo Unit at EXPO 2020 Dubai. Signed contract with ZBT.


Started CO2 Capture and Utilization mega project with a TBA company. Headcount reached 17. Delivered containerized Outdoor CO2 Capture Unit to ZBT, Germany.


Delivered modular HVAC Integrated CO2 Capture Unit to Wärtsilä STH, Finland. Mega project creating TBA products from CO2 begins.

LL97 or Local Law 97 legislation mandates that all large buildings (>25,000 square feet) in New York City reduce their carbon emissions — all regulated through monthly disclosures. Buildings that do not comply with the law will face fines on an annual basis of $268 per ton of emissions above the limit.

Founder’s dream

Cities will no longer emit CO2

“It’s our belief that we can turn millions of buildings around the world into CO2-capturing machines.”

– Ari Piispanen, Co-founder, Soletair Power

20% +
11 tons

“The DAC technology is a link to close the carbon cycle and to enhance the storage of renewable power, we are happy to install Soletair Power’s CO2 capture system and demonstrate the whole variety of power to gas applications on our test field in Duisburg.”

Ulrich Gardemann

Group Leader, Methane Technologies, ZBT, Germany

01 01

Building future cities

Enables building owners to capture CO2, offset emissions, save energy, minimize cost, and earn credits.

02 02

Retrofittable solutions

Irrespective of size, make or age, our technology uniquely fits the building’s HVAC systems.

03 03

Better productivity for offices

HVAC-DAC coupling ensures productive CO2-lean air for the building dwellers.

04 04

Making the planet healthier

Offsets CO2 emissions from the building resulting in a decrease of CO2 from the atmosphere.

How can your building protect the planet?

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