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04 June 2024


“Carbon dioxide is a gigantic problem – but also the solution to the challenges of the future”

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24 Sep 2021

The Guardian

“Soletair Power’s approach is to turn buildings into CO2-capturing machines…”

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31 Aug 2021

The Wall Street Journal

“They remove carbon dioxide from the air by installing ventilation systems in meeting rooms”

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15 Dec 2019


“Soletair  Power’s devices can be installed into an existing ventilation system – turning entire buildings into air purifiers”

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18 Nov 2019


“Soletair Power boosts the air quality inside buildings and generates a useful by-product in the form of hydrocarbons”

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25 Feb 2021


“Soletair Power – The Carbon Ghostbusters”

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Soletair Power wins The Real Estate Board of New York and NYSERDA REBNY PropTech Challenge 2022.


In Finland, a start-up wants to produce hydrocarbons using renewables.


Finnish Startup Soletair Power Signs Contract with German ZBT to Provide their Direct Air Capture of CO₂ Unit.


Green City Serial Entrepreneur and Inventor Seeks to Counter Climate Change with His Technologies.

Na’im Merchant

8 companies at the cutting edge of carbontech and carbon capture.

Market Realist

Is Climeworks Stock Publicly Traded? Company Got Microsoft’s Attention.

Carbon vacuum cleaners already know how to capture carbon dioxide directly from the air – Recovery can become a key technology in climate control.

Ilkka Pohjalainen

Wärtsilä will take Finnish technology innovation to the Dubai World Expo.

Finnish device turns indoor air into fuel by compressing – Soletair Power’s carbon dioxide capture device is exported to Germany.

STT info

Finnish startup Soletair Power signed an agreement with the German ZBT for a carbon capture device.


Wärtsilä invested one million in Soletair Power.

Ilkka Pohjalainen

Wärtsilä tripled its investment in a Finnish company.


On a growth path in a partner network.

Climate forest near the street track.

Green Biz

What you should know about carbon removal purchase agreements.


Carbon capture has caught the imagination of founders: Soletair, based in Finland, removes carbon dioxide from office ventilation systems, which it claims can boost worker productivity as well as help the environment. Elon Musk has even offered a $100m prize for the best technology in the field.


Soletair Power is one of the 16 partner companies out of 79 applicants for Shimizu Corporation’s accelerator program “SHIMZ NEXT” which is operated jointly with ReGACY Innovation Group, Inc.

Financial Times

Carbon removal ‘unavoidable’ as climate change alarm bells ring.

Gulf News

Visitors’ breaths will brew the coffee they drink at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Finnish pavilion.

Khaleej Times

Expo 2020 Dubai: See how your exhaled CO2 is used to make coffee.


Fuel from solar energy and air – Finnish startup gets funding.

Harvard Edu

This machine takes office-air CO₂ and turns it into fuel.

Arab News

Finnish Ambassador reaffirms commitment to Gulf region.

Soletair Power offers building ventilation integrated CO2 capturing devices with renewable fuel production equipment as turnkey solution.

New technology converts CO2 into useable fuel.

Value The Markets

Carbon Capture – A Man-made Solution To Solve A Man-made Problem.


Wärtsilä and Paulig to co-operate at the Dubai World Expo – Finnish pavilion produces coffee sustainably using Power-to-X technology.


Soletair Power found new customers with a digital platform developed in conjunction with the Greenreality network.


Finnish power to x technology for the world exhibition.

Etelä Saimaa

Start-up company in Lappeenranta received EUR 1 million from Wärtsilä for the production and sale of its indoor carbon capture – Soletair Power prepares for breakthrough and Dubai World Expo.

Green Tech Media

Accelerating Decarbonization with Power-to-X Technology.


Direct air capture is redefining the decarbonization discussion.

Finnish engineers have created a device for extracting fuel from office air.

Nordic Startup Awards

Soletair Power reached the grand finale of the Nordic Startup Awards held in Iceland in May 2022.

Gulf Today

Be watchful of indoor air quality, says pulmonologist.

Ars Technica

This machine takes office-air CO₂ and turns it into fuel.

Innovation Origins

Start-up of the day: turning indoor CO2 into energy.


Wärtsilä brings Power-to-X technology to the Dubai World Expo.

Kauppa Lehti

This device seals fuel from indoor air – Finnish Soletair Power takes its carbon dioxide grabs to Germany.

The Next Web

The new wave of climate tech startups capturing carbon across Europe: Will they be able to scale enough to make a dent in emissions?

MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute)

From Lab to Fab: Development and Deployment of Direct Air Capture of CO2.

The Sustainability Impact Pyramid.

Globe Newswire

Worldwide direct air carbon capture technology market size to display upward graph over 2021-2026.

TR Middle East

Wärtsilä to showcase Power-to-X technology at World Expo, Dubai.


Wärtsilä tops up investment in Finnish carbon capture technology company.


Wärtsilä strengthens its commitment to a carbon-neutral society by investing more in Soletair Power.


Soletair Power received an additional investment from Wärtsilä.

Wärtsilä invests more in Soletair Power – building becomes a fuel producer? A new kind of technology idea makes it possible in principle.

Pollution Solutions

AIR CLEAN UP: Capturing Carbon Innovation at the World Expo in Dubai.

Gas World

Wärtsilä invests in direct air capture technologies.

Impact Index

Startup Guide Soletair Power Index.

Nordic 9

Soletair Power Oy has developed a unique concept to improve air quality in buildings by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) and converting it to synthetic renewable fuel.