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Buildings as Carbon Sinks.

Soletair Power develops breakthrough Direct Air Capture technologies for capturing CO₂ in buildings, boosting employee productivity in offices, and accelerating companies towards a sustainable carbon negative future.

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The story of Soletair Power

Ever felt tired and lost train of thought in a meeting room?

Maybe the CO2 concentration in your room is getting high. We spend 90% of our time indoors and under high CO2 concentration indoors, our complex decision-making functions reduce significantly. In 2016, Harvard University found that human cognitive function starts to decline by 20% for each 400 ppm increase of CO2. It’s been proven that employees had 61% higher cognitive scores in CO2 lean environments. Soletair Power captures carbon dioxide from building ventilation utilizing DAC technology and increases peoples’ productivity.

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Direct air capture is a technology that uses chemical materials to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When air moves over these materials, they selectively filter out CO2, allowing the other components of air to pass through.

In airtight constructions (e.g. in apartments or offices) the CO₂ concentration can increase even in the presence of only a few people. High CO₂ has a direct influence on how comfortable people feel in a room. The standard indoor CO₂ level is expected to stay between 400 and 600 ppm, which is slightly above the normal levels in outdoor air (400 ppm). From 1,000 ppm, around 20% of room users can already be expected to feel dissatisfied. This might also undercut our ability to think at full potential.


You will need 400 indoor 🌱 plants to balance CO₂ indoors. The approximate amount of carbon exhaled by a single human in 1 day is 300 g. In comparison, a single Spathiphyllum plant in a 15-cm pot grown at a PPF of 20 mmol/sqm/s captures 0.8 g carbon per day, so it would take 400 plants🌱 to offset a single human!

Opening windows is not always a viable solution.
➜ In cold countries, the mean outside temperature often remains below 0°C.
➜ Opening windows is detrimental when the air outside is already polluted (smog and orange air)
➜ Most office buildings are densely placed and have closed rooms with only ventilation passages.

Protecting existing forests and planting new trees are surely good things to do. But planting a trillion extra trees will remove only a quarter of the CO2 currently in the air. The problem is that our society is releasing CO2, that are warming the Earth’s climate to levels we have never experienced before. Trees will definitely help us slow climate change, but they won’t reverse it on their own.

Soletair Power’s technology is the first in the world to integrate DAC with HVAC in buildings. It captures CO2 from ventilation units inside buildings to improve air quality. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, the integration of DAC indoors can improve humans’ cognitive function.

Our method can produce synthetic hydrocarbons profitably. At the same time, more productive air is brought to the offices.


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Unleashing brain potential by minimizing CO₂ indoors.


We offer three categories of products for capturing CO₂


Indoor CO₂ capture unit


Building HVAC integration unit


Outdoor CO₂ capture unit

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