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Reach Net-zero through Regenerative Buildings

Soletair Power’s patented HVAC-integrated CO2 capture technology enables commercial property owners to reduce buildings’ net emissions, capture CO2 from air, cut energy costs, and meet regulatory decarbonization requirements.

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Carbon minus⁻

Run on renewables, captures more CO2 than it emits.


Easily retrofits with the existing HVAC system.


Supplies CO2-lean air leading to better indoor air quality.


CO2 mineralization enables long-term storage.

Capture CO2 onsite and transform your building into a carbon capturing machine

Machine in an HVAC room

Direct Air Capture retrofitted into HVAC

Soletair Power provides cost-effective distributed Direct Air Capture by retrofitting buildings’ existing HVAC systems. This enables building owners and tenant companies reduce their scope 3 emissions, and cut costs as well as capture CO2 from air.

The captured CO2 upon mineralizing into concrete, can no longer contribute to climate change, and thus creates negative emissions.

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Kinder on our planet, easier on your costs

Proven technology

Six direct air capture systems have already been successfully delivered.

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Soletair Power Building CO2 Capture Power 2 X unit at Dubai

Delivery cases

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World’s first HVAC-DAC technology to decarbonize buildingsbusinessesdata centersoffices



less energy

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cost savings


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How can your building protect the planet?

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