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Soletair Power

About our company

From the happiest country in the world, we are the startup that develops breakthrough sustainability technologies to drive down CO₂ in buildings, boosting employee productivity and accelerating a global path to 100% renewable energy.

CO2 has been proven to block 20% of the brainpower of people in offices. Also, this gas traps heat and leads to global warming. We remove the carbon dioxide indoors and increase the productivity of people. Also, we create fuel from that captured CO2. Cities can be turned into carbon sinks.

Turning Buildings into Carbon Sinks

Under high CO₂ concentration indoors, our complex decision-making functions reduce significantly. In 2016, Harvard University found that human cognitive function declines by ~15% when indoor CO₂ reaches 945 ppm. We capture carbon dioxide from building ventilation and increase peoples’ productivity.

Breathe in the future

Soletair Power’s technology turns buildings into carbon sinks. From removed CO2 we can make with our technology profitably P2X fuels. We need to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.