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Soletair Power in the SET100 List – one of the 100 Most Promising Global Energy Start-ups of 2023

Soletair Power has been selected as one of the most promising global startups in 2023 and got listed in the #SET100 list.

The SET100 List (SET = Startup Energy Transition) provides a welcome snapshot into the latest trends and the 100 most promising technologies that can help shape a clean future for all. The SET100 List of 2023 is the 7th edition of the annual compilation profiling the best SET Award applications. The initiative was launched in 2017 in collaboration with the World Energy Council with the aim of offering young companies a platform to showcase their forward-thinking solutions.

Powered by the German Energy Agency and the World Energy Council, for 2023 the SET Award received over 400 applications from 63 countries worldwide. The SET100 list was compiled by an international jury of experts from the World Energy Council, MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), Third Derivative at RMI, New Energy Nexus, Virgin Group, Skeleton Technologies, Vireo Ventures, and many more.

Soletair Power is proud and honored to have made the SET100 List for 2023 in the Buildings & Construction category.

The full SET100 list can be downloaded from here.

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Category: Clean Energy & Storage

The generation, storage and distribution of renewable energy is the backbone of the energy transition. In this category, we are looking for start-ups developing solutions to decarbonize our most energy-intensive sectors, as well as those accelerating the adoption of new solutions through capacity building.

Acklio | France

Expert in communication protocols and data compression, Acklio enables smart meter deployment on the latest affordable IoT networks. Its innovations are now globally adopted standards with pilots launched all over the world to support the energy transition, from the most advanced national networks to the most remote microgrids. GmbH | Germany

ANNEA is a German greentech company providing a predictive maintenance and asset optimization platform. The start-up helps green energy producers cut their operational costs by up to 50%, while also increasing energy production by up to 15%.

autarq GmbH | Germany

Autarq is a climate tech pioneer for solar roof tiles. The miniaturized PV module includes a proprietary wiring harness and enables a plug-and-play installable BIPV system that operates safely in parallel through extra-low voltage. The system is safe, flexible, easy to install, and designed with aesthetic considerations.

Beem Energy | France

Beem Energy’s mission is to enable people to take control of their energy at home and to participate in the energy transition. The Beem Kit is the first connected plug-and-play solar kit for the market and enables production, consumption and storage of energy for the average household.

BeFC | France

BeFC produces paper-based biofuel cells that are environmentally friendly and compostable. Lightweight, thin and flexible, they can be used to power simple microcontrollers, a range of MEMS sensors, data storage and read-outs (display, wireless protocol, etc.).

Efficient Energy Technologie GmbH | Austria

SolMate by EET is a photovoltaic and storage system that can be installed by anyone by simply plugging it into a wall socket. Thanks to its intelligent power injection based on a patented measurement technology, SolMate provides renewable electricity to households only when it’s needed, storing the rest for later, whether on or off the grid!

EH Group Engineering AG | Austria

EH Group Engineering provides an innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology that is compact, lightweight and low-cost. Designed for high-power applications, EH Group’s innovative & patented fuel cell technology used in its fuel cell stacks and systems is perfect for mobile/automotive applications such as buses, trucks, forklifts, boats, and even drones.

Emrgy Inc. | United States

Emrgy radically reimagines the existing global water infrastructure into sources of distributed renewable energy. It allows infrastructure owners to seamlessly generate water power within existing operations thereby reducing grid consumption, costs, as well as carbon emissions.

encoord Inc. | United States

encoord provides software tools, data and advisory services to help energy stakeholders plan for the energy transition. encoord’s core technology is the Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt), a software platform to model and plan energy networks and markets.

Energy Dome S.p.A. | Italy (Finalist)

Unlocking utility-scale, long-duration energy storage: Energy Dome’s CO2 battery enables dispatchable renewable electricity to make the net zero energy transition possible. The battery is based on a thermodynamic process that uses CO2 to store electricity cost-effectively.

EnergyElephant | Ireland

EnergyElephant helps organizations around the world improve sustainability, save time, and reduce costs with its all-in-one energy and sustainability management platform. Using a four-stage process, customers can get data, insights, take action and achieve results effortlessly.

enspired GmbH | Austria

enspired is a fully digital power trading-as-a-service company, enabling clients to bring flexible assets to short-term power markets. enspired augments trading strategies with state-of- the-art AI technology so asset owners are supported in developing stable and scalable business models for innovative use cases.

everyone energy UG | Germany

everyone energy’s white-label software empowers B2B clients to scale their sustainable businesses. Designed for end customers, the digital consulting service offers automated building checks, plant simulations and evaluations against regulatory operating models.

Fusebox OÜ | Estonia

Fusebox offers a scalable software solution that can be easily integrated into any smart automation system. Buildings using its tech can act like a battery that can charge and discharge according to market needs. This allows electricity consumers to optimize electricity usage, earn revenue and reduce their CO2 emissions.

GML Enline Transmission Solutions | France

Enline provides SaaS solutions in power systems using AI and ML. The technology creates sensorless Digital Twin systems that are able to digitize any distribution or transmission asset. Grid operators then have predictive assessments of electrical, mechanical and thermal asset behaviors which serve as a forecasting risk management tool.

Granular SAS | France (Finalist)

The electricity market is moving towards a new model of renewable electricity certification based on hourly certificates, known as 24/7 carbon-free energy. Granular Energy provides software tools that enable utilities to effortlessly manage their clean electricity in a 24/7 carbon-free electricity market.

Greenjoules Pvt. Ltd. | India

Greenjoules makes fossil diesel-equivalent renewable fuel from agro wastes. Greenjoules’s solution has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of diesel-powered machines by an incredible 95%.

Gridwiz Inc.  | Republic of Korea

Gridwiz is a clean energy start-up that provides intelligent platform solutions integrating GW-scaled distributed energy resources. Its clean and sustainable energy solutions are at the core of delivering benefits to over a thousand customers, at the same time providing flexibility to the grid and healing the Earth.

H2Pro | Israel

H2Pro is accelerating the transition to net zero by enabling affordable green hydrogen this decade. H2Pro has developed E-TAC – a revolutionary method for producing green hydrogen by splitting water. The method is 95% efficient, safe, and cost-effective.

H2U Technologies Inc. | United States

H2U Technologies is an electrolyzer company that leverages expertise in catalyst discovery to develop low-capital-cost, iridium-free proton exchange membrane electrolyzers for hydrogen production. The technology in H2U’s Catalyst Discovery Engine™ (CDE) stems from a decade of research at Caltech, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Heliac A/S | Denmark

Heliac creates solar-generated heat for industrial processes and district heating at temperatures of up to 200°C. Heliac’s solution suits food and beverage, paper and pulp, as well as many other industries when heating, drying, boiling, cleaning, and more. Heliac also offers high-temperature thermal energy storage that allows 24/7 CO2-free heat.

Installion GmbH | Germany

As an industry service provider, Installion is helping drive the energy transition. The Installion Profi Suite is an online market- place and project management tool for installation orders in the photovoltaic industry, ensuring greater efficiency through the entire process for both clients and contractors – from match-making to installation.

Kraftblock GmbH | Germany

Kraftblock develops and builds systems to decarbonize heat in industries, district heating and the energy sector. The core technology is a multi-purpose, high-temperature energy storage that stores heat up to 1,300°C (2,400°F) in upcycled material. The systems either recycle waste heat or generate green heat via green power.

NyQuest Innovation Labs | India

NyQuest Innovation Labs’ latest product, iCON, is a smart solar converter for uninterrupted power supply systems, seamlessly connecting any system to photovoltaic panels. With a growing customer base in India and SSA, iCON is expanding through interoperability: from Japan’s 90V to US 120V, and Europe’s 240V.

Plexigrid S.L. | Spain

Plexigrid provides a grid-centric flexibility management system that enables DSOs to distribute more energy within the current network capacity. The solution connects grid planners and operations with flexibility pools, including low voltage behind-the-meter assets, to reduce grid costs, speed up grid connections and increase grid stability.

Roofit.Solar Energy OÜ | Estonia (Finalist)

Roofit.Solar produces award-winning solar roofs combining Nordic design with cutting-edge solar technology. Roofit.Solar’s fully integrated roofs are sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather and offer reduced total cost-of-build thanks to a simple and quick 2-in-1 installation.

Sentrisense Gmbh | Germany

Sentrisense helps power transmission and power distribution companies to benchmark the health of the conductors and detect complex problems such as corrosion, ageing, ice deposits, fallen trees, and other phenomena. With a strong focus on easy-to-use and simple scalability, Sentrisense can also be used for grid optimization by knowing the ampacity in real time.

SmartGrid | The Netherlands

SmartGrid develops, engineers and produces mobile energy storage hard- and software systems that easily integrate into micro and smart-grid solutions. In combination with safe energy storage, SmartGrid sees software as the key to the perfect smart-grid solution.

SmartHelio Sarl | Switzerland

SmartHelio has developed an analytics platform that creates clean energy assets with a diagnose, predict and prescribe us- age of predictive maintenance software. Its solution fully and easily integrates with client systems and is developed from over 10 years of R&D in Switzerland.

Solaires Entreprises Inc. | Canada

Solaires captures outdoor and artificial indoor light to recharge sensors, IoT devices, and more with its proprietary PEROVSKITE technology.  Perovskite cells are light, transparent thin-film solar panels with higher efficiency than conventional silicon and with greater flexibility for an even wider range of innovative applications.

Spottitt Ltd. | United Kingdom

Spottitt helps utilities increase the reliability and performance of their underground or overhead networks by providing satellite-based, geospatial analytics that helps track a variety of external risks – all in real-time and at scale.

Supercritical Solutions Ltd. | United Kingdom

Supercritical is on a mission to eliminate the hardest 20% of global emissions. By developing the world’s first high-pressure, ultra-efficient electrolyzer, Supercritical aims to use technology to slash the cost of green hydrogen required for the world’s biggest emitters in this decade.

Voltaware Services Ltd. | United Kingdom

Voltaware provides appliance-level energy insights directly to customers to help them face ever-increasing bills and optimize their energy use – in real-time. Working with energy utilities, banks and telecoms, it offers a white-labeled platform to help customers navigate energy crises and the energy transition.

WeDoSolar GmbH | Germany

We Do Solar is a smart solar sight protection for your balcony. The system is lightweight, self-installable and works from a normal power plug which makes it easy to handle for non-tech-savvy users. There is a companion app that shows the production of the power as well as how much CO2 each customer has saved.


Category: Mobility & Transportation

So long as we have space, we will need to move about in it. Transportation and mobility continues to be one of the most essential but energy-intensive sectors we monitor. This category rewards creative solutions and lateral thinking in a sector that can span the large and the physical to the virtual and the digital.


Ampersand USA Inc. | United States

Petrol motorcycles make up half of Africa’s road traffic. Ampersand developed and manufactures an electric motorcycle and battery pack, along with a portfolio of ‘battery-as-a-service’ supporting swap stations. Ampersand’s growing fleet of 800 motorbikes cost 35% less to buy and operate, have more horsepower, and currently serve 20 million km of road.

Drone Defence Services Ltd. | United Kingdom

Drone Defence Services is a hardware and software development company, offering a vertically integrated approach to the growing drone industry. Its solar sentinel rapid deployment system offers a solar-powered, off-grid and fully mobile drone detection and CCTV platform that helps keep the skies and ground infrastructure safe.


EcoFactor is a Ukrainian company that designs and produces charging stations, designs and manages charging infrastructure and billing services, and designs and produces electric motor vehicles. It is the leader of the Ukrainian market both in production and in the charging station network.19

Electric Beast Global OÜ | Estonia

Beast enables people to rent a Tesla in under five minutes with a contactless, 24/7 rental service that’s awesome, convenient and environmentally conscious. Beast delivers excellent UX and is scaling rapidly through a marketplace approach.

Elonroad AB | Sweden (Finalist)

Whether driving or parked, Elonroad charges electric vehicles with a safe and energy-efficient alternative. The built-in software enables even small batteries to have unlimited range and thus converts highways into a smart road infrastructure.

FTEX | Canada

FTEX provides light EV manufacturers with a full plug-and-play hardware solution with a complete end-to-end operating system. With FTEX, traditional OEMs can quickly leapfrog their competitors and offer modern vehicles while reducing R&D cost and development time, helping them get their products to market faster.

Hergele Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi | Turkey

Hergele Mobility offers all-inclusive mobility solutions, from various turnkey fleet management use cases to shared mobility and warehouse mobility solutions with the wamo vehicles. Hergele solves the most complex logistical problems with the leanest of approaches.

HeyCharge GmbH | Germany

Smart EV charging – without the internet! HeyCharge lowers cost and turbocharges the user experience for smart, multi-user EV charging systems. Products include a turnkey solution for apartment buildings as well as an embeddable, white-label platform allowing partners to embed the tech in their own apps and wall boxes.


Nvalt Solar & Electric Boats Pvt. Ltd. | India (Finalist)

Navalt is an ecological marine tech company that specialises in the manufacturing of solar electric vessels. The start-up is already an industry leader in the global solar market. With its innovation, the young company is helping to accelerate the complete electrification of shipping.

Paragon Mobility SAS | France

Paragon Mobility disrupts the execution, deployment and de-livery of the energy and charging infrastructure with the Pod: a fully integrated, rapidly deployable, modular charging station. The Pod provides rapid charging even in grid-constrained sites thanks to its efficient battery storage and embedded power management systems.

q-bility GmbH | Germany

q-bility offers a state-of-the-art way to trade saved emissions through its digital marketplace. By offering a transparent, rapid, and cost-effective trading platform, q-bility helps reduce emissions digitally to help achieve net-zero climate goals.


rabot.charge gives customers the ability to smartly manage their own energy consumption while protecting the environment and resources. The rabot.charge algorithm allows users to manage car charging intelligently, economically and sustainably.

RideTandem | United Kingdom

RideTandem turns local transport providers into smart shuttles for work, education and more, creating a cleaner and greener commute for communities whose choice is too often expensive car ownership or not traveling at all.

Spark e-Fuels GmbH | Germany (Finalist)

Spark e-Fuels fights the significant environmental impact of aviation: they develop and operate production facilities for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The start-up has found a solution to the limited availability and high cost of SAF. For the first time, it is developing an e-fuel SAF production system with direct access to renewable electricity.


WATTPARK is the “Airbnb of EV charging”: the first reservable, shareable and monetizable EV charging ecosystem in the world. Installation by qualified professionals, with integrated access and monetization management from the start, WATTPARK users in France also benefit from 300€ tax credit and ADVENIR aid.

Wego | Italy

Volvero is an app for vehicle sharing. With Volvero, private owners and businesses can recover their costs through a seamless, smart and safe drive-sharing experience that connects owners to customers quickly and easily.


Category: Industry

Industry accounts for a staggering one-third of global greenhouse emissions and is one of the most challenging sectors for decarbonization. Nevertheless, the innovation here represents one of the biggest, most important, and most profitable ways for companies to decarbonize. A new category for 2023!

AC Biode | Luxembourg

AC Biode upcycles ash or sludge, which pollutes the planet, into CircuLite, which cleans the planet. CircuLite can be used in carbon capture, self-cooling concrete, soil improvement, water and air purification, face masks and cleaning up oil spills. This allows power plants to lower their carbon footprint, and costs and create a circular economy.

Algbio | Turkey

Algbio treats sewage and wastewater, capturing trapped CO2 using microalgae to produce biofuels, bioplastics, and biomaterials as well as generating carbon credits. Algbio treats wastes by using phycoremediation, which helps protect oceanic bio-diversity, as well as fueling the transition from a fossil-based economy to a more sustainable manufacturing base.

BeChained Artificial Intelligence Technologies S.L. | Spain (Finalist)

BeChained helps consumers save costs and CO2 emissions through a digital twin and dispatch control system for distributed resources. Through a ledger-based information system, BeChained cuts unnecessary consumption in production processes and feeds that freed capacity back into the market by selling CO2 credits through the EU’s Emissions Trading System.

Buyo India Pvt. Ltd. | India

Buyofuel is India’s number one online marketplace for all types of biofuels and wastes. Buyofuel helps consumers easily switch to biofuels and also helps biofuel manufacturers easily access waste through a single online platform. Buyofuel’s technology platform ensures complete transparency and quality assurance for all transactions.

Carbominer LLC | Ukraine

Carbominer develops new modular Direct Air Capture technology to capture CO₂ from the air locally, near its place of origin. The combination of dry and wet capture approaches allows consumers to capture and then use the only over-produced part of renewable energy: CO2.

Carbon Re Ltd. | United Kingdom

Carbon Re applies breakthrough artificial intelligence research to the decarbonization of cement and other foundation materials, developing commercial solutions that reduce emissions today and pave the way towards the zero carbon materials of the future.

Climax Community | United Kingdom

Climate Essentials is the first carbon data collection and analysis platform to aggregate and share carbon data between the public and private sector, providing a tool to make a net-zero future a reality across all industries. We are redefining carbon management by bringing stakeholders together to enact meaningful change.

etalytics GmbH | Germany

Etalytics is a software provider for energy intelligence solutions to increase energy efficiency and flexibility through data-driven and energy engineering processes. The etaONE platform from etalytics enables customers to structure, visualize, analyze and optimize their energy systems to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs.

goodcarbon GmbH | Germany

goodcarbon provides companies with easy and convenient access to nature through a Nature-as-a-Service platform. With the platform, companies can invest in high-impact nature-based solution projects and build up a global, diversified portfolio. In return, companies get access to carbon credits from the projects over the next 10 to 30 years.

guane enterprises | Colombia

Guane supports the global energy transition by building AI optimization-based solutions for the energy value chain: from generation to transmission, distribution and demand. We digitally transform and automate corporate processes with 4.0 technologies using secure, flexible and robust software cloud platforms.

Heatrix GmbH | Germany (Finalist)

Heatrix’s wants to competitively replace fossil fuels in

energy-intensive industries by converting renewable electricity into storable, high-temperature process heat. No carbon-neutral, cost-competitive and easy-to-integrate solution currently exists. Heatrix’s solution has the potential to decarbonize the majority of high-emission industries.

HumanLearning | United Kingdom

As the industry accelerates the rollout of infrastructure, there is an opportunity to digitally transform legacy paper/digital checklist-driven processes that use poor collaboration tools with limited innovation and achieve more with fewer resources. HumanLearning addresses this need by taking a people-first and data-driven approach.

KoalaLifter | Spain

KoalaLifter is a disruptive self-climbing crane system designed with a unique method: using friction collars. The various models are all designed to maintain and erect onshore and offshore wind turbines through a universally applicable solution that drives efficiency in the wind turbine industry.

KWOTA OÜ | Estonia

Carbon credits marketplace KWOTA disrupts the circular economy value chain by adding up to 20% additional income into the equation. Switching from virgin to recycled resources reduces CO₂ emissions by an average of 40% in paper production alone. KWOTA helps to certify and trade these savings returning 80% to the material producers.

Naco Technologies | Latvia

Naco Technologies empowers the creation and adoption of green hydrogen systems by creating specialized, future-proof nano-coatings and new materials. Naco Technologies improve hydrogen systems’ performance, reduces hydrogen system costs, and provides unique material recipes and coating solutions that last. Inc. | United States

Ndustrial delivers an open platform for companies across multiple industries to digitally transform their business. Through two platforms – a real-time industrial platform and code data engine and a data integration and intelligent insight platform – Ndustrial has helped companies save over $100 million in energy spend and increase sustainable industrial operations.

Rondo Energy | United States (Finalist)

Rondo Energy makes industrial decarbonization possible – and profitable – today. The Rondo Heat Battery captures renewable electricity to deliver low-cost, zero-carbon and continuous high-temperature heat for industry. In essence, it’s a toaster heating brick to help decarbonize heavy industries like steel, cement, aluminum and biofuels.


Category: Buildings & Construction

Our built environments consume lots of energy, whether through their construction, the materials used, or the significant chunk that is wasted in keeping them warm or cold. This category rewards those creating the comfortable, cost-effective, energy-efficient buildings of the future.


AMPEERS ENERGY (AE) is a SaaS company that enables the real estate industry to implement a climate-neutral energy supply for their buildings. With its software solutions and the integration of service partners, AE reduces CO2 emissions of buildings by over 90% while at the same time yielding a significant ROI for real estate owners.

ClimateView | Sweden (Finalist)

ClimateView is a Swedish climate tech company providing game-changing SaaS insights to accelerate cities’ transition to net zero. ClimateView’s ClimateOS platform connects emissions to economics, helping city planners to manage, budget and mitigate their emissions to reach net zero.

Comgy GmbH | Germany

Comgy’s central energy data operating system for buildings provides comprehensive, reliable and continuous data for asset managers. In turn, this helps to monitor, manage and optimize building stock and increase energy efficiency across the board.

ETA PLUS GmbH | Germany

ETA+ (i.e., ETA PLUS) has developed a building and infrastructure platform to manage and meter energy consumption, emissions and user behavior. Based on a holistic 360° view and data structure, ETA+ is already serving over 4,000 properties.

Exergenics Trading Pty. Ltd. | Australia

Exergenics is the world’s first remote software for continuous chilled water plant optimization, leveraging powerful machine learning to optimize the performance and maximize the efficiency of cooling systems without impacting building operations. Inc. | United States

Microhaus is a sustainable portable living space with the comfort level of a luxury house. Developed by a team from the aerospace industry, the Microhaus incorporates energy-efficient PassivHaus Standards, self-sustainability and 4.0 scalable manufacturing principles.

Hyperion Robotics Oy | Finland (Finalist)

Hyperion Robotics designs, engineers and manufactures sustainable concrete structures, helping clients save time, money and embodied carbon. By bringing together 3D printing technology, automation and circular economy principles, Hyperion enables material usage savings of 75 % and cuts construction’s carbon footprint by up to 90%.


LANCEY is the French company behind the LANCEY Capella, the first intelligent electric radiator with an embedded storage battery. It belongs to a complete heating and energy managing solution for buildings built on predictive computing modeling.

Lumoview Building Analytics GmbH | Germany (Finalist)

Lumoview’s building analytics offers the fastest way to digitize buildings and reduce CO2 footprint. Through AI, the device scans rooms in just two seconds, producing dependable 3D CAD designs that empower owners to efficiently manage their buildings and reduce CO2 through targeted deep renovations.

Mixergy Ltd. | France

Mixergy’s mission is to move water heating away from fossil fuels to zero and low carbon. With Mixergy’s smart and connected hot water tanks that utilize unique top-down heating technology, customers save money and reduce their environmental impact. Connect to any heat source, save up to 40% on hot water energy usage and only heat what is needed.

Myrspoven AB | Sweden

Combining AI and extensive industry knowledge, Myrspoven’s proprietary solution, myCoreAI, guarantees the best indoor climate at the lowest possible energy use, helping consumers save up to 25%. Myrspoven also offers electricity spot price and power tariff optimization, enhancing savings and helping the energy system handle demand peaks.

PassiveLogic Inc. | United States

PassiveLogic is the world’s first fully autonomous platform for buildings. Powered by Quantum, the digital twin standard for autonomous systems, buildings can experience a 30% increase in energy efficiency through controls at the edge, thus reducing the world’s carbon footprint and paving the way for smart cities.

Soletair Power Oy | Finland

Soletair Power has developed a modular direct air capture technology that can be retrofitted with buildings’ HVAC systems to capture CO2 from the air. Captured CO2 is then permanently stored inside concrete blocks, transforming buildings into carbon sinks, offsetting their emissions and helping supply cleaner air overall.

Urban Sympheny AG | Switzerland

Sympheny offers cloud-based software to support the planning of renewables-based energy systems for buildings, hubs, districts, and cities. Using a data-driven approach and sophisticated algorithms, Sympheny’s platform designs cost-efficient and sustainable energy systems while incorporating the latest in energy technology.

vilisto GmbH | Germany

vilisto saves companies and municipalities up to 32% in heating energy. By a holistic approach that digitizes the entire heat management process through fully automated and self-learning technology, vilisto ensures customers only consume as much heat as needed, save on their energy and bills, and helps protect the environment. GmbH | Germany is the enabler for digital and green district heating grids. It provides SaaS for utilities, enabling them to provide more transparency to consumers and operate the network more efficiently while saving natural energy resources. In addition, helps transform the district heating supply to renewable energy with its simulation solution.

Zurich Soft Robotics GmbH | Switzerland

Solskin is a world-first moving lightweight photovoltaic facade system that combines shading and electricity generation, providing optimal energy management to buildings. Through its AI algorithms, Solskin learns from occupants’ comfort needs and ensures thermal and light comfort in different weather conditions, throughout the year.


Category: Quality Energy Access & SDG-7

In this category, we reward start-ups who are looking to the future and working with and empowering the communities that are most impacted by climate change. We’re looking for innovations that will make energy services for all a reality.

Africa GreenTec AG | Germany

Africa GreenTec is a German social enterprise focused on renewable energy solutions that support people in sub-Saharan Africa. With a goal to provide sustainable energy infrastructure to 3 million people by 2030, Africa GreenTec’s suite of advanced, high-quality technologies empowers people to use resources respectfully.

Agrotech Plus | Kenya

Agrotech Plus provides energy-efficient, solar-powered walk-in cold storage rooms to fill Kenya’s cold supply chain gaps. Agrotech Plus means 24/7 off-grid storage, preservation of perishable foods and, with its flexible pay-as-you-store subscription model, a viable solution to counter farmers’ post-harvest losses.

Amped Innovation PBC | United States

Amped Innovation is a product design company focused on solar innovations for emerging markets. Amped designed a ZERO EMISSION alternative to fossil fuel generators. It’s Africa-tough and fully repairable with components that are less than $15 (minimizing e-waste). Amped’s Solar HUB powers businesses without trashing the planet.

BasiGo Ltd. | Kenya

BasiGo is creating the future of clean, electric bus transportation in Africa. BasiGo’s technology-driven battery financing model enables it to sell an E-Bus for the same upfront cost as a diesel one, while also enabling a 20% savings on OPEX. Since over 70% of the region’s electricity is renewable, a single E-Bus mitigates 50T of CO2 per annum.

D-Olivette Enterprise | Nigeria

D-Olivette produces domestic and user-friendly digestion technology that processes organic and biodegradable waste to reuse in the home. The easy-to-use device uses anaerobic digestion to produce clean cooking gas, clean electricity, organic fertilizer and clean reusable water – all from just one device!

Green Scene Energy PLC | Ethiopia

Green Scene Energy is an Ethiopian-based solar energy services company that provides affordable and reliable solar solutions to low-income households in rural villages through a smart Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) model using mobile money.

Koolboks SAS | France

Koolboks is revolutionizing sustainable refrigeration by making it affordable and accessible to everyone through our Pay-As-You-Go technology. The company’s innovative Kool Technology combines the natural forces of the sun and water to create eco-friendly, solar refrigeration products for domestic, commercial, and healthcare use.

Kyuka Ventures Innovation Hub | Uganda

Kyuka Ventures Innovation Hub makes affordable, clean energy accessible among low-income households. By repurposing and recycling plastic waste, Kyuka has generated a new fuel source that’s suitable, scalable and fully adaptable for low-income households in marginal communities.

Manamuz Electric Ltd. | Nigeria

Coldbox Store is an off-grid cold storage solution for aggregation and bulk cooling of fresh agricultural produce. It provides productive use of clean energy in off-grid electrification systems and is used to prevent post-harvest losses in the fresh produce value chain.

Mega Gas Alternative Energy Enterprise Ltd. | Kenya (Finalist)

Mega Gas Alternative Energy is a cleantech start-up whose mission is to provide low-income families with clean and affordable cooking gas through the recycling of plastic waste. Mega Gas Alternative Energy’s patented process is the first of its kind in the SSA region.

Oorja Development Solutions India Ltd. | India (Finalist)

Oorja is pioneering a community-based, inclusive Pay-Per-Use model that finances, delivers and installs solar farming services to small-holder farmers. Oorja helps families, communities and industries adapt and transition away from fossil fuels in a managed and durable way.

PAM AFRICA | Nigeria

PAM Africa is focused on improving the lives of people by providing quality access to energy. Through its new programme, net-zero village (NZV), it has created innovative and climate-friendly technologies such as solar grids and solar cooling systems (So Cool). It has also provided solutions for e-mobility and battery-swapping stations.

Solaris GreenTech Hub | Nigeria

Solaris is a renewable energy start-up that is committed to combating energy poverty and driving clean energy inclusion by building and deploying micro-solar products to rural and peri-urban communities.

Solaristique Nigeria Ltd. | Nigeria (Finalist)

Solaristique is a recycling company that is tackling Nigeria’s food waste problem by turning old freezers into a range of low-cost, hyper-efficient, solar-powered cold storage units for off-grid use.

Solarworx GmbH | Germany

Solarworx provides a smart, unique and modular decentralized DC microgrid for rural African communities. Based on state-of-the-art IoT and power-electronic control technology, Solarworx wants to create the next generation of solar home systems and connect the 1.2 billion people around the world living without access to electricity.

Standard Microgrid Initiatives Ltd. | Zambia

Standard Microgrid Zambia revolutionizes African energy delivery with smart grid technology tailored for rural communities. Our smart meters and backend services prioritize efficiency, delivering optimal value for customers with small-scale power systems.

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