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Soletair Power CEO Petri

Soletair Power CEO Petri Laakso Speaks at Credit Suisse 2022 Carbon Negative Conference at New York

Soletair Power (Sol-et-air Power), one of the world’s leading carbon capture companies, with a mission of utilizing buildings’ ventilation systems to capture CO2 from the air, will participate in the Credit Suisse 2022 Carbon Negative Conference, which will be held virtually on January 11th, 2022. In addition to holding one-on-one investor meetings, Soletair Power CEO Petri Laakso is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion including other sustainability-focused companies.

The panel discussion topic is “How Carbon Capture Can Make Buildings Smart & Green.” In the panel discussion, Petri Laakso will be accompanied by Brent Constantz, CEO & Founder of Blue Planet; Samuele Ramadori, CEO of BrainBox AI; Robert Niven, CEO of CarbonCure Technologies Inc and Lydie Bennett Hudson, EXB from Credit Suisse.

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