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Halton Ventures and Søren Jensen Invest in Finnish Carbon Capture Company Soletair Power

Halton and Søren Jensen Invest in Soletair Power

Halton Ventures and Søren Jensen RaceToZero Invest have announced their investment in Soletair Power, a Finnish carbon capture technology provider company focused on developing building-HVAC-integrated carbon-capture solutions. The two companies join Wärtsilä Corporation, who previously invested in Soletair Power in 2019 and 2021.

Halton Ventures invests in companies that share their objectives of enabling well-being in internal spaces ecologically and sustainably. Søren Jensen, a consulting engineering company, combines hardcore engineering knowledge and the latest technology with passion and dreams to create inspirational engineering.

Technology and ideas develop quickly in startups. Our investment activities help us keep our fingers on the pulse of what is happening,” says Tarja Takki-Halttunen, Chairperson of the Board, Halton Ventures. “We are excited to work together with Soletair Power.

The investment in Soletair Power aligns with both companies’ long-term vision of supporting new technologies that enable a more sustainable planet. “We are delighted. We see a huge potential of this distributed direct air capture technology in the future,” says Frank Jensen, Chairperson of The Board, Søren Jensen.

Soletair Power is excited about the cooperation and looks forward to expanding its activities to the Nordic countries. “We are excited to welcome Halton Ventures and Søren Jensen to work closely with Soletair Power in its operations. This is an excellent way to get the know-how on actual HVAC business in buildings,” says Petri Laakso, CEO of Soletair Power. “Thanks for believing in us. It reaffirms that our technology is one of the tools to make buildings carbon sinks.

Scaling up carbon capture technology is critical to meeting global carbon reduction targets, and citywide adoption of this technology could play a significant role in achieving these objectives. The investment from Halton Ventures and Søren Jensen into Soletair Power highlights the growing importance of distributed DAC technology in advancing toward more sustainable buildings. Confidence in pioneering Finnish companies driving transformative global impact remains steadfast, despite the current challenges in the business landscape. Investors in Soletair Power express a shared commitment to supporting companies that catalyze significant positive change, positioning themselves on the right side of history through their contributions.



About Halton Ventures:

Halton Ventures is the owner of Halton Group, a global technology leader in indoor air solutions for demanding spaces. Halton Group operates in over 35 countries with 1900 people and had a turnover of approximately 270 million euros in 2022. In addition, Halton Ventures invests with a long-term view in new technologies and services enabling a more sustainable planet. Halton Ventures is 100% owned by the Halttunen family. The company was founded in Finland in 1969.

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About Søren Jensen:

Søren Jensen is a Danish award-winning engineering practice with studios in Aarhus and Copenhagen hosting 175 employees. Always striving to find the best solutions, the firm is engaged in a wide variety of bespoke building projects: hospitals, life sciences, data centers, recreational and educational institutions, residential, and commercial buildings. The practice was founded in 1945 by Søren Jensen and is a certified B Corp owned wholly by third-generation Frank and Flemming Jensen through the Søren Jensen Family Office. The Søren Jensen Family Office is shaping the path to a regenerative building environment through investments in transformational knowledge and startups.

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About Soletair Power

Soletair Power is a Finnish carbon capture technology provider company founded in 2016 that manufactures modular retrofit carbon capture systems for capturing CO2 directly from the air using buildings. They combine direct air capture and ventilation technology to result in decentralized, long-term carbon removal, cost savings, and healthy indoor air quality in buildings. For building owners, reducing carbon emissions is essential to meeting European Union goals. Accurately removing net carbon emissions from buildings can contribute to sustainability and zero-pollution efforts as the European Union aims to become the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

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Contact Soletair Power:

Petri Laakso
CEO, Soletair Power Oy

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