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Soletair Power The Inventor Ari Piispanen

Story of the Inventor, Soletair Power — YouTube Video Transcript

Soletair Power — Carbon capture technology company in Finland

Our technology captures CO₂ from the air in buildings and enhances global wellbeing. Soletair Power’s technology is behind the world’s first economically profitable P2X fuel production, produced from CO₂ captured directly from the air. Our compact, sleek and modular-designed air-capture products efficiently captures CO₂ from the indoor air by turning buildings into carbon sinks. Reduced carbon dioxide indoors increases human cognitive functions.

Soletair Power Oy, the direct air capture company from Finland, has already been featured in CNBC’s Sustainable Energy Show, BBC, ARS Technica, termed as the Carbon ghostbusters by Sifted, mentioned in Helsingin Sanomat, YLE and got funded multiple times by Wärtsilä for representing an important step towards a carbon-neutral future.


It all started when I saw a photo in a local newspaper of a professor and a researcher at an Audi factory. They were pointing at the chimney saying they would build a machine in Lappeenranta that would capture the CO₂ through the chimney and make fuel out of it. So the next day I called the professor and said it makes no sense to capture CO₂ from the chimneys because they will no longer exist in the future. But I can provide you with a machine that captures CO₂ from the air. So I provided him with that machine and we started making fuel out of thin air. Global warming happens because we have taken carbon and oils from the earth and we burn it in the atmosphere. This invention allows us to produce the same products but with carbon that is captured from the atmosphere and now that we have access to renewable energy at a reasonable cost, we can make that process profitable. This is how global warming can be stopped.

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