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The machine Soletair Power Carbon Capture

Power to X machine from Soletair Power – How it works — Transcript

Soletair Power — Carbon capture technology company in Finland

Our technology captures CO from the air in buildings and enhances global wellbeing. Soletair Power’s technology is behind the world’s first economically profitable P2X fuel production, produced from CO captured directly from the air. Our compact, sleek and modular-designed air-capture products efficiently captures CO from the indoor air by turning buildings into carbon sinks. Reduced carbon dioxide indoors increases human cognitive functions.

Soletair Power Oy, the direct air capture company from Finland, has already been featured in CNBC’s Sustainable Energy Show, BBC, ARS Technica, termed as the Carbon ghostbusters by Sifted, mentioned in Helsingin Sanomat, YLE and got funded multiple times by Wärtsilä for representing an important step towards a carbon-neutral future.


Technology behind Power to X Machine from Soletair Power

The first step is the direct air capture technique or technology. Here, we basically have air being pumped inside this chamber. Inside this chamber, we have a material called resin. This resin, where air passes through this resin, CO2 is absorbed or sticks into this resin. The air leaves free of CO2 or lean of CO2, it goes into our offices. In step two, we produce hydrogen. We produce it by introducing water to the electrolyzer. The electrolyzer splits water into hydrogen and oxygen, by applying a potential or a voltage into it. The hydrogen is sent immediately into the third step which is the methanation reactor. The methanation reactor converts the product from step one, carbon dioxide, and the product from step two, hydrogen to produce the final product of the technology which is methane. We could also convert it to other products, other components which we call base chemicals, which can be converted later on to plastics or other liquid fuels.

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