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The story of Soletair Power Direct Air Capture

The Soletair Power Story — YouTube Video Transcript

Soletair Power — Carbon capture technology company in Finland

Our technology captures CO₂ from the air in buildings and enhances global wellbeing. Soletair Power’s technology is behind the world’s first economically profitable P2X fuel production, produced from CO₂ captured directly from the air. Our compact, sleek and modular-designed air-capture products efficiently captures CO₂ from the indoor air by turning buildings into carbon sinks. Reduced carbon dioxide indoors increases human cognitive functions.

Soletair Power Oy, the direct air capture company from Finland, has already been featured in CNBC’s Sustainable Energy Show, BBC, ARS Technica, termed as the Carbon ghostbusters by Sifted, mentioned in Helsingin Sanomat, YLE and got funded multiple times by Wärtsilä for representing an important step towards a carbon-neutral future.


Soletair Power is a Finnish startup, where scientists are making fuel from thin air. They’re capturing carbon dioxide or CO₂ from the buildings, making CO₂-free air for everybody. That means, better working environment for kids in the school wherever you need to breathe, so everywhere basically where we’re staying inside. The coolest part is that they’re able to take the CO₂, capture that and convert that CO₂ to fuels, food, whatever you want. But nowadays, we are making fuel out of thin air.

It all started when I saw a photograph in a local newspaper of a professor and a researcher at an Audi factory. They were pointing at the chimney and talking about starting a factory in Lappeenranta with a machine that would capture CO₂ from the chimney and make fuel out of it. So I called that professor the next day and said that your plan makes no sense there is no point in capturing CO₂ from the chimney because chimneys will no longer exist in the future. But I can provide you with a machine that captures CO₂ from the air. And so I did. And we started making fuel out of air. And then, a few years ago, Matti Rautkivi from Wärtsilä called us and asked if he could send his analyst to verify our scientific proposition. And I said, “Sure!”

In 2018, we launched our vision with Wärtsilä towards a 100% renewable future. One of the missing pieces of the puzzle was, how we’re going to convert the fossil fuels that we are using today or our customers are using to use something that is made out of renewable material. And the Soletair Power guys, which were two at that time, came with the idea which was quite crazy actually, if you think, that, okay, we capture CO₂ and we convert that to fuel.

The problem is that when you have a lot of people working indoors, the level of CO₂ starts to rise. At the same time, your cognitive ability starts to decline.

Because we are taking carbon from the air, that air becomes lean-CO₂ air. We can create an atmosphere conducive to learning, conducive to production, because of the lean-CO₂ level. A higher CO₂ level is detrimental to your production and your ability to perform.

The easy way to put is that better efficiency, better working environment for your people, so 10% up in that sense, building as a carbon sink, you really contribute to climate change. And you could, for example, convert your company cars to use synthetic gas. Actually, the people who are breathing in your building are producing fuel for your car. In that sense, it’s more about your collaboration to sustainability, but the best thing is that how you’re contributing to the well-being of your people.

Global warming is happening because we have taken carbon and oils from the ground and we burn-in in the atmosphere. This innovation lets us produce these products with carbon that we collect from the atmosphere and now that sustainable energy is cost-efficient we can make it in a profitable way and global warming will be prevented.

The only thing that you need is to take water, take CO₂ from the air, put it there, and boom, the miracle happens. And the miracle here is the Soletair Power guys. They made it happen there in the black box.

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