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Soletair Power featured in CNBC’s Sustainable Energy Show

CNBC’s Sustainable Energy visited Soletair Power in Lappeenranta  to feature our technology for lowering carbon dioxide in buildings and producing fuels with the use of renewable energy resources.

Petri Laakso, CEO and Partner of Soletair Power, explained the overall concept of Building as Carbon Sinks – Carbon Minus.  City air from the ventilation unit could be through a carbon capture unit, resulting in low carbon dioxide indoors. The electrolyzer and synthesis unit would then be utilized to produce hydrocarbons.

Cyril Bajamundi, CTO and Partner, elaborates the chemistry of how carbon dioxide could be capture from air.

Watch our complete feature below and read the article about Soletair Power HERE:

How tech and renewables are joining forces, part one from CNBC.


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