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Soletair Power Indoor CO2 Filtering Air Purifier

The world’s first indoor air quality booster that hunts down CO₂ indoors and improves human cognitive function scores.

Calculate CO2 in your room

The secret to brain

power is in the air

we breathe

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is one of the top five most urgent environmental risks to public health as per the Environment Protect Agency. Poor air quality will impact the health, well-being, comfort and productivity of building occupants.

With powerful materials loaded to capture productivity-blocking greenhouse-gas CO2, we welcome you to unleash your fullest brain potential with our iconic, completely standalone, Indoor CO2 Filtering Air Purifier Unit which is on its way onto the workstations of people worldwide. Whether it’s enhancing strategic thinking capacity, boosting productivity, or improving overall well-being, you are going to be surprised by the difference in air quality it makes.

CO2-lean fresh air indoors

Soletair Power Indoor CO2 Filtering Air Purifier Unit natively supports CO2 filtering and air cleaning technology. With a robust double-chamber filtration process, this compact standalone unit also filters out every unneeded particle, allergen, and pollutant from the room. Perfect for offices, meeting rooms, and houses with dust, dander and allergens.

Install anywhere

One unit covers an area of ​​up to 220 square feet. You can expand the coverage and get a cleaner environment throughout the office or home by adding more units.

Automated, low-maintenance, safe

Intelligent self-cleaning releases captured CO2 when people are not around. The device requires very low maintenance and ensures hassle-free operation for an extended period of time.

Indoor CO2 filtering Air Purifier Unit Soletair Power landscape

Indoor CO2 Filtering Air Purifier v1.0

  • Captures carbon dioxide indoors and keeps the air CO2 lean
  • 24/7 indoor CO2 monitoring
  • 7″ RGB touchscreen display
  • Built-in self-cleaning module
  • External dimensions l*b*h: 0.4 m x 0.4 m x 1.5 m
  • Power requirement: 230 VAC
  • Filter efficiency MPPS: ~98.997%
  • Linux based OS

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Healthy environment indoors

Eliminate Sick Building Syndrome

Improve health, comfort and energy while saving cost.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - ASHRAE standard

~40% energy saving

Maintenance-cost reduction

IoT based remote monitoring & control

Soletair Power Indoor Carbon Dioxide Capturing Air Purifier Unit

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