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Podcast at Mission Shunya.

BUILDINGSas carbon sinks

Petri Laakso, CEO & Partner joins Girish Shivakumar in this conversation.

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Digitalization of Real Estate

EP011: Petri Laakso — CEO of Soletair Power on helping buildings to achieve carbon net zero with modular direct air capture systems

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Mission Shunya

EP59: Petri Laakso – Can buildings be turned into carbon sinks? What are the best use cases of carbon capture? All this and more are covered in this episode featuring Soletair Power.

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Beyond Technology

Ep413: Petri Laakso — How to have a huge positive impact on the environment, by Fabian Böck episode 413 and no. 29 of the series

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This Is CDR

Ep40: Petri Laakso with This Is CDR, OpenAir’s Toby Bryce and Megha Raghavan. How DAC technology turns buildings into carbon sinks by integrating with HVAC systems to capture CO2 directly from the building’s internal airflow.

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Explainer video

Fuel from thin air

Wärtsilä’s Anja Frada and Soletair Power’s Petri Laakso explain the Power-to-X process of making fuel out of thin air and water.

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A Nordic PropTech View

Sanna Walfridsson and Petri Laakso in a Q&A session focused on Nordic PropTechs.

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