Less CO2, more productivity

We spend 90% of our lives indoors. The inhaled air turns into carbon dioxide, CO2, that affects our well-being.  High indoor CO2 reduces our cognitive functions. This means lower learning results and reduced work productivity. To make you feel more energetic and focused Soletair Power captures that CO2. This is the future you should breathe in.

The Soletair Story

This is the Soletair Story!

The effects of high concentration of CO2 in breathing air

High indoor CO2 has been shown to make us feel tired and it reduces our cognitive functions. What are the effects of high concentration of CO2 in breathing air?

The Machine

How does it really work? Soletair Power manufactures CO2 capturing equipment connected to ventilation machines to make people more productive and wellbeing. Captured CO2 is combined with hydrogen to create hydrocarbons ie fuels. These fuels (diesel, gasoline, methane) are called electricity fuels. CTO Cyril Bajamundi walks us trough the process!

Buildings as carbon sinks

Soletair Power turns buildings into carbon sinks, that lower the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Matti Rautkivi, strategy and business development director of Wärtsilä, tells us more.

Cost of a coffee cup

This is how to enhance your productivity with the price of a coffee cup per day.

The man behind the machine

Ari Piispanen, the inventor. This well-known serial entrepreneur has over 30 patents under his belt. Ari, a mechanical engineer, has sold his previous companies ( high tech companies like Visedo and Axco Motos) in order to fully concentrate on energy storage and sustainable energy innovations. He gets business ideas quicker than CO2 and H2 synthetize to CxHy. Now he tells us the story behind Soletair Power.

Synthetic fuels and power-to-X

Jero Ahola, professor of energy efficiency at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Lappeenranta University of Technology, explains the future role of synthetic fuels and Power-to-X.

The 20% effect on cognitive function

Petri Laakso, CEO of Soletair Power, talks about why high concentration of CO2 can lower people’s cognitive function by 20%.

This is not science fiction, we already have that technology in place. All you need to do is to take a deep breath, we handle the rest.

Breathe in the Future and find out more about us at www.soletairpower.com or contact us trough www.soletairpower.fi/contact-us/.